Ordem SПлкo Francisco - Porto


In case of hospitalization you should always follow the instructions provided by the doctor, who may ask you to bring recent exams, your medical history or other useful information. In case your doctor has not given you specifics, you may call through 222 062 100 with any questions.

Do not forget to bring all the documentation that may be necessary, namely Identity Card or Passport, Insurance or Health Subsystem Card and Taxpayer Card.

In case of hospitalization, we recommend that you bring a bag with personal items that will give you greater comfort during your stay in the Hospital. We recommend that you bring comfortable and not too tight sleepwear, bathrobe, slippers and toiletries.

We do not advise our patients to bring cash, jewelry and other valuables, since we do not take responsability for these valued objects.

Clinical analysis

Our Hospital, in collaboration with the laboratory Dr. Carlos Torres - Unilabs, offers a clinical analysis service that is available to the whole community.

Blood collection, which run from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 11:00 p.m., does not require prior appointment, and you can receive your results by email, quickly and efficiently.


You may schedule your analysis by calling 00351 222 062 100 or by sending us na email through geral@ordemsaofrancisco.pt. Please do not forget that the collection of blood implies a prior fasting period, in order to get the most accurate results possible.


Os pacientes em internamento podem receber visitas entre as 11h e as 21h30 todos os dias, bastando para isso dar o nome do paciente na portaria.

Visitants must respect the Hospital’s rules of conduct at all moments, so that they do not disturb the other hospitalizes patients or the work routine of the employees. These set of rules include, but are not limited to, mantaining silence in common areas, not bringing food or non authorised objects to the patient and respecting the other patients privacy.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at any time.



All hospitalized patients in private rooms have the right to be accompanied by a family member during the night, given that they pay the determined price.

The companion will have a bed in the same room as the patient and will be able to have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, upon prior notice and extra payment.


What if the patient is underaged?

In our Instituition, our main concern is the wellbeing of our patients, in order to ensure that all procedures are performed in the best way and that recovery, when necessary, is quick, effective and painless

In case the patient is twelve years old or younger, he or she is entitled to be accompanied by a family member at all times. In case the patient has to be hospitalized during the night period, the companion has the right to stay overnight in the child's room, at no additional coSaint