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Founded in 1633, the Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto is a non-profit Catholic institution that has assumed, throughout its history, a fundamental relief in the religious and care environment in the city of Porto, presenting today the fruit of the work and contribution of several generations, a varied offer of medical care in their hospital and in their external clinics, which also includes the senior reception in their Nursing Homes, the provision of food to the needy citizens and the maintenance of a very valuable cultural heritage and places of worship at the service of all.



The Church is joined by the Saint Francis Museum, composed of the Convent Church, the House of the Order and the Catacumbal Cemetery, open all year round for free or guided visits.


The Hospital of the Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto, also known as Saint Francis Hospital, was inaugurated in 1783 and it is located in a historical building completely refurbished, revealing modern facilities equipped to the highest technological level. Since its construction the aim of the Hospital has been to provide quality services to people of all age groups. With attentive and personalized attention, the Hospital has doctors of excellence in various specialties.

Located in a historical part of Porto, the Saint Francis Convent Church is considered one of the main points of interest of the city, being recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1996. The Church, which joins the Gothic style to the splendor of the baroque, is one of the richest repositories of gilded woodwork in Portugal.


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The Order of Saint Francis also has external consultation, which includes areas such as clinical analysis, dental medicine, general practice, family medicine or pediatric surgery.

Collaborating with the National Health System, it also has a vast number of agreements and protocols with the main insurance companies, with medical services networks, social services and public and private entities.


Since its inauguration in 1783, the Hospital of Saint Francis has been providing its patients high quality medical care, based on technological advances and a very professional service.

In fact, the Hospital is a work that, since its creation, has been the object of great attention by those in charge of the successive Administrative Boards, from that time until today, constituting nowadays a reference to the level of quality allied to an exceptional location in the city of Porto.
The Hospital consists of an inpatient unit, operating and outpatient unit, radiology rooms and hemodialysis services, and is therefore indicated for a wide range of procedures.



Along with the mission of the Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto, the mission of our Hospital is to provide a superior service to all our patients, both technically and humanly.

We combine modern technologies with highly experienced and recognized professionals to enable personalized service, effective procedures and a comfortable environment.


Support Services

At the Hospital of Saint Francis our greatest concern is the well-being of our patients and their companions. In order to provide the greatest possible comfort to our patients, our Hospital has several support services that may be useful for our patients and their visitors.



ATM Service

The Hospital building has an ATM machine on floor 0, next to the elevator.

Wifi Service

We provide Wifi to all our patients so that they can use their mobile devices at all times, both for self recreation and to communicate with family and friends during their stay at our Hospital. The Wi-Fi data will be given at the time of the hospital admission when required.

Communications Service

In addition to ensuring mobile network throughout the building, all rooms of Internment are equipped with telephones that allow for internal and external calls.

Religious Services

In Saint Francis Hospital we believe in a spiritual accompaniment as a complement to a quality treatment, when the patients so desire.

In the building of our Hospital there is also a chapel open to all our patients and visitors, located on floor 0 when accessed by the elevator of the building.

The religious services are guided by the Chaplain of the institution, who accompanies daily the activities in the Order.

The brothers and staff of the institution manage the cleanliness of the Church, guard the sacred altar, and, with the help of the Father Chaplain who provides spiritual support to the hospital, and senior residents, prepare and collaborate in the Eucharist and organize the main festivities of the religious calendar.

Safety Services

In addition to the security staff being always attentive to those entering the building, during the night we work with a private security system which guarantees the constant presence of a security guard in the Hospital. In this way, we guarantee your safety to our patients at all times, so that they can have a quiet and effective recovery.



Privileged location

Our extremely central geographical location is an asset that is generally pleasing to our patients and their visitors. In the immediate vicinity of the Hospital there is a wide range of useful services in the most varied situations, such as pharmacies, police station, hotels and restaurants. Our location is also situated in a vast historical heritage, as is the case of the Saint Francis Convent Church, protected by our Order and a historical monument recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO.